Monday, March 22, 2010

The Internet is a Great Black Hole

I took a personal day today in order to get some things done - important things, like getting ready for a class I'm planning to teach and persuading my insurance company that in fact I do need Singulair to survive a Kentucky spring free of sinus infections.

And yet, the moment where I am the most productive, when I have found a link between my ideas and what another writer/instructor thinks... this is the moment when I choose to waste my time watching "The Count Censored" on Youtube.

It's funny. Yes. Or at least my plebian brain thinks it's worth a viewing... or three. But that's no excuse to stop myself just when I get going.

Now, it might be different if I had been working for hours and hours. But no. After a mere 15 minutes of productivity, I find myself "rewarding" this unprecedented behavior by slacking off. A cliche? Of course, but nonetheless bothersome.

And now I'm updating this blog, which I haven't glanced at and have barely thought about for months. Rar! Back to work with me.

Enjoy the video.

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